no pudge This is not a recipe, it’s a product review. If you’ve considered buying No Pudge but weren’t sure if it was gross or not, fear not. It’s really tasty and it’s diet-friendly. Just make sure you don’t eat the whole pan in two days like I tend to.  The original plain stuff is my favorite, although raspberry is really good too. My husband and I like to make No Pudge brownie sundaes with frozen yogurt (more calories than we should probably eat before going to bed but hey, we’re trying.) A few months ago I had some freshly baked No Pudges around and topped them with strawberries, my non-dieting friends loved them. And one of them works at a really delicious bakery. There are directions to make single servings on the side of the box, but I can’t picture that coming out very appetising and half my attraction to baked goods is determined by appearance alone.  No Pudge also makes low-fat ice cream products, which I have to say, are gross. If you’re looking for low-fat ice cream novelties get yourself some Skinny Cow.

skinny cow It’s pricey unless you get it on sale at Jewel where it is almost always buy one get one free. It’s pretty low-cal as well and it’s just as satisfying as “real” ice cream. The sandwiches are my favorite because you get two cookies AND ice cream. It’s like cheating death. And by “death” I mean fat. It’s like cheating, either way. And I love cheating. And stealing.  And lying. But I’m not lying to you about these things, I woudln’t like about brownies or ice cream.