cream de menthe cookie
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Last week I gave an interview to a fellow journalism student at Columbia who was profiling “an alternative Chicago voice.” I have a very alternative voice. In fact I once had a musician boyfriend marvel at my ability to match Mike Ness’ tone exactly. That’s not a common quality in a lady. Of course, that’s not exactly what Chrissy was looking for when she interviewed me so we talked about my blog and my baking and I’m pretty sure I said the word “boner” at least 5 times in one answer I gave. Her last question, though, was about the sort of blogs I like to read and what advice I would give other bloggers who want to gain a large readership. My answer, minus all the “boners” was that there are people who just write about their pets and co-workers and family members and it’s totally hilarious, then there are people who stick to their topic, like baking and zombies (ahem,) and those are really focused and fun to read. But the people who write about baking and zombies and books and then also politics or something equally as stupid and boring drive me nuts and I don’t usually read those blogs more than once. Then we took all this video of me spinning around on a stool and making stupid faces.

Anyway, the reason I’m sharing that is because having just told her that I didn’t want her to read this post and be like, “Wait, this is about your kid.” It is about my kid, but it’s also about baking for my kid. My kid has his own blog that he’s too lazy to update ever. Also, he barely speaks English.

Ok, that was a lot of words. My apologies. My husband has been in CA all week and I haven’t really talked to anyone since Sunday. So anyway, my son Teno will be two on St. Patrick’s Day but he has the appetite of a 90 year old woman. If you put ribbon candy in front of him he would probably go apeshit. His favorite past time is stealing white Tic Tacs out of his grandma’s purse and devouring the entire package before she can get it away from him. He also tries to eat toothpaste every day.

Last night Teno opened the fridge and started crying “Buh buh? Buh buh?” Buh buhs are cupcakes and we usually have some in there. So I felt like a terrible mommy for not having any buh buhs on hand but I’m hoping to check out Molly’s Cupcakes tomorrow so I don’t want to OD on cupcakes. By the way, I heard that’s how Heath Ledger died. Hey-o!

I had a bag of Andes cream de menthe baking chips in the cupboard so I followed the directions on the back for cream de menthe cookies and yes, they are every bit as disgusting as they sound and yes, Teno fucking loves them so hard.

I’m not going to post the recipe because it’s already all over the Internet, but you can get it here if you really want to. Maybe you’re having a Golden Girls themed party. These would be perfect for that.
I don’t know why I decided mint was for old ladies, I just did. Question my logic and perish.

Oh, back to Molly’s Cupcakes for a sec- if you pick up the Body issue of Mint Magazine you can see the story I did on cosmetic dentistry. The next issue is Food and I’ve been hired to do a sweet tooth story! Basically, my job is to go to like, 50 bakeries, ice cream shops and candy stores all over the city and suburbs and then write about them. So when I do go to Molly’s I will actually be doing my job. Oh how I adore you, magazine journalism.