Mac & Cheese Cupcake

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Oh no I didn’t.
I did, dude.
I made a macaroni and cheese cupcake and I don’t care what you think about that.
Echo Magazine is having a staff mac & cheese cook off. The winning recipes will appear in our June issue; categories include Best Vegetarian, Best Non-Vegetarian, Prettiest and Worst. I’m hoping we don’t end up doing “Worst” because I don’t see why anyone would want the recipe for the worst mac & cheese creation and I also feel terrible telling someone their food is the worst. Unless I’m on Yelp. Then I love telling people their food is the worst.
I’m shooting for Prettiest with these because I honestly don’t think they’ll be the best tasting. The rules were as follows: use a box of mac and cheese with powdered cheese, use both the pasta AND the cheese powder in your recipe.
So this is just a corn muffin with powdered cheese mixed in with cream cheese for “frosting.” Then I added a few pieces of mac & cheese on top. If I don’t place I’ll post the recipe here later. Otherwise it’ll be my way of forcing you to read Echo when it comes out this summer.**
Teno was pretty into these, which makes me think I should start making corn muffins with vegetables in them to get him to eat something besides peanut satay and Tofu Pups.
So, everyone hold your arms out in front of you, stare at the mac & cheese cupcake, wiggle your fingers at the screen and send me good luck juju.

Let’s see, in non-mac & cheese cupcake news, good luck to Michelle Garcia who is in FL right now for some mysterious Food Network Challenge she won’t tell me about. And if you’re looking for unisex Bake & Destroy shirts, buttons or handmade cupcake toppers and you’re in Chicago make sure you stop by The Bleeding Heart Bakery because they have a whole case full.

**I won Best Vegetarian! Click here for the recipe.