black metal toppers

Originally uploaded by Bake & Destroy!

Cassie from How to Eat a Cupcake asked me to help her on some black metal cupcakes for a friend. I hadn’t yet discovered The Black Oven, so I suggested something along the lines of a black forest cake. The words “black forest” make me want to run around Germany with a sword. I told her I’d make some suitable decorations because I know it can be hard to separate the crap (Cradle of Filth- NOT black metal) from the real deal (Marduk, Bathory, Immortal, etc.) if you aren’t a fan.

So here they are, free for you all, black metal cupcake toppers. If you’re like me, too stupid and lazy to paint your cupcakes with corpse paint-like frosting, these should do the trick.

blackmetaltoppers <–download them, print them on card stock and cut them out as seen here. Pay attention! I’ve seen people cut these free toppers weird.

Sons Of Northern Darkness
Under The Throne Of The Moon
United With Forces Of Evil
And Infernal Doom