Hey, remember like, months ago when I posted pictures of my mac & cheese cupcake and the whole entire Internerd freaked out? Yeah! I’m finally posting the recipe today along with all the winning recipes from Echo magazine’s Mac & Cheese Throwdown! We had to use powdered cheese- gross, right? I argued that most people spring for the creamy cheese pouch but I was shot down with a chorus of “no, most people buy the powdered cheese!” Well, maybe I’m fancy, but I’ve always used the squishy cheese. I guess I’m just stuck up that way.

To this day the blog entry where I just mention mac & cheese cupcakes gets a ton of hits from sites that have linked to it in their “ewwwwww” files. As long as it never ends up on Cake Wrecks I’m fine with being the grossest baker on the Internet. An thanks to Jenn for the intro to Cake Wrecks, maybe the funniest blog I’ve seen in a long time. So click the magazine page to see the recipes.

My Flickr friends might have seen the book I made in my photography class. I want to give it away in some kind of contest because it seems weird to have a book with pictures of myself in it. Maybe I should have a contest to see who has the best contest idea.

It’s been a while since I posted so I want to say congrats to Melisser on her success with Sugar Beat Sweets, and high five to Phil for becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champ! Seriously, why are my friends & family so rad? Oh, and happy birthday to Shannon and Barb. Also hello to Mike Edison. Enjoy your marshmallows, sir.

Everyone check out Cakespy this Sunday for a super special surprise!