One of my fondest childhood memories is of my cousin Mikey putting his younger brother Josh in a Boston Crab. As Josh screamed and pounded on the carpeted floor Mikey calmly explained the importance of foot position to all of his wide-eyed little cousins. One by one we would slide off the couch and submit to Mikey’s Sharpshooters and Stinger Splashes, happy to have learned something, and also to be able to walk away with our spines still intact. Mikey actually went on to be a pretty successful high school wrestler and I went on to be a pretty rabid wrestling fan until I turned 14 and decided it was “too fake.” (I have to laugh now because when I was a kid I totally bought into wrestlers who were voodoo priests and tycoons. Then all of the sudden in high school when more “regular guy” characters like Stone Cold start popping up I deem the whole thing fake and move on.) Ah, whatever. My mom was never too excited about buying me issues of WWF Magazine at the grocery store anyway.

So here I am, so many years later, baking and destroying and still talking about Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat to anyone who will listen. Which usually is no one. A few weeks ago I made a photo book and a lot of you asked me how you could get your hands on one. Well, the thing is, there is only one (like the Highlander, but without the Queen soundtrack). So I decided I should have a contest- the winner gets my book. Big deal, right? Well, up yours, dear reader because it is a big deal. See, this contest happens to be SugarSlam! the sweetest wrestling-themed bake-off on the entire Internet and the prize happens to be a one-of-a-kind Bake & Destroy photo book autographed by the WWE heavyweight champion, CM Punk. Yeah. In your face, other baking contests!

I bet you want to enter. Well, here’s the rules:

Create a wrestling-themed dessert that entertains me and you win.

Um, that’s all. I don’t really like rules.

I guess I’ll elaborate. It could be as simple as Koko B. Ware Rice Krispie Treats or as abstract as Roddy Piper Coconut Ice Cream (you know, because of that time he clonked Jimmy Snuka over the head with a coconut) if it’s sugary and wrestling-themed it’s eligible. I will admit I haven’t watched much rasslin’ since ’94, so I might have to consult with Punk about modern WWE entries, but no worries, I’ll figure it out.

Your recipe doesn’t have to be original, but please credit the recipe’s author in your entry. E-mail your recipe, the recipe title, a jpeg of the finished dessert and your name and address to me at by August 15th. The winning entry will receive the autographed book, 12 one-of-a-kind wrestling cupcake decorations and their dessert posted right here on Bake and Destroy!

If you have questions about the contest please post them as a comment so other readers can benefit from the answers. If you’re having trouble remembering much about your secret days as a wrestling fan check out these sites:

Branded in the 80s

Classic 80s Wrestling

The 80s & 90s Wrestling Page

Which 80s Wrestling Superstar Are You? (Quiz)

Now get to work!


  1. I remember that day! How could I forget, I was the one who’s legs you were twisting and body you were slamming.

    Did you deliberately leave out our love for Bret Hart and Tatanka? ha ha

  2. wow i’m picturing toasted coconut as razor ramon chest hair.. if i think of something good i’m going to try this haha

  3. Oh man I have some ideas…i might have to submit multiple entries.

  4. Ooooh I want Punk’s autograph on that book!!! I better get to making something!!! Thanks to Nina for directing me here! Woooooo!!!!!!!!!! :]

  5. Noooo, Nina! You don’t like Tatanka!!! :))

  6. Hilarious! We watched wrestling growing up too. I use “we” lightly, as I didnt really watch much. But, I got an ass whooping wrestling style after all my brothers watched. My one brother loved The Ultimate Warrior, he used to tear up old clothes and tie them on this arms in an attempt to look like TUW. Once he did it with old underwear, when we dubbed him Tidy Whitey Warrior. Ah, good times.

  7. Nina- I had a lot of funny ideas, like British Bulldog Poundcake with Clotted Cream but I didn’t want to “give away the store” as Letizia would say. So no, I didn’t forget our beloved Bret Hart. And Aaron used to pile drive you on the couch, too.

    Mylife- I love it, they should be filled, too, so they can “ooze with Machismo”

    RiverCity- yes! Enter as many times as you wish!

    Tanya- good luck!

    Slush- that is hilarious! I had a WWF coloring book and my grandpa colored the Ultimate Warrior’s face the wrong colors, I was SO mad at him.

  8. So fun. I loved wrestling when I was a kid. Papa Shango was my favorite. I got back into it when I was in college because I developed a crush on Jeff Hardy and also because my boyfriend at the time would let me practice putting him in the walls of jericho haha. Ah romance.

  9. Ok, here’s a question I’ve been e-mailed a few times already:
    Q: How many entries per person?
    A: As many as you can dream up.

  10. Procalina, lucky you!!! I always ask hubby if I can practice on him but I think he’s too scared…… booo!!!

    Oooh, YAY for unlimited entries! I’ve been craving a cake and I have lots to decorate it with :)

  11. Here’s another one for the FAQ:
    Q: Does my dessert have to be a baked item?
    A: No. I called it a bake-off because I like that phrase, but you can actually make any dessert you like.

  12. Oh man I don’t even want the prize, I just wanna make something. Me and Senor Muerto will have fun brainstorming this one. :)

  13. oh christ this shit sits so deep in my heart. my mom HATED it too. trying to think of ideas, but my favorite memory is ricky the dragon getting smashed in the throat with the bell by macho man coming down off the ropes with it. then they did the post interviews with ricky and he just kept grabbing his throat and going ballistic because he couldn’t talk. priceless. but the rockers were my absolute fav (i saw them…had a huge poster!) so i’m thinking something very neon green with black and purple. or maybe a nod to Miss Elizabeth with something really grossly fake diamonds and press on nails. so many ideas!!!….hacksaw jim, junkyard dog. ugh.


  14. I was a WWF JUNKIE! I’m sure that’s not a shock, cool kids club & all. You know I’m working on something for this.. RIGHT NOW.


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