As a Chicago girl, there have only been two Super Bowls in my life time that truly mattered- XX and XLI. That being said, I’m always down for a reason to eat spinach dip and watch football- so all hail Super Bowl Sunday! This year I’m following Obama’s lead and backing the Steelers. Sure, I grew up in Arizona, but we didn’t have a football team when I lived in the desert so no disloyalty there.

It’s not a party without cupcakes, so I made you guys these cupcake toppers to download and make yourself. Just print them on cardstock, pop them out with a 1.5″ circle punch and glue them to toothpicks. I represented both teams, but there’s a dozen each, so feel free to deface the team you’re hating on this year. (I also left the editing features enabled so you can just delete what you don’t want and copy and paste more of what you do want.)

superbowl43 <–Click there to download!