Baby Shower and Destroy Part Two + A Sublime Giveaway

Last year I came as close to planning a baby shower as I ever care to when I helped my mom put together my sister’s party. Now that I have a better understanding of the amount of work that goes into making all the little doodads that go on the tables and getting people to shut up and pay attention to the rules of the various baby shower games I consider myself a model baby shower attendee.

When my Aunt Pam asked me to bake for my cousin Ashley’s shower I was extremely flattered, and when they picked some of my favorites – lemon yogurt with ginger cream cheese, Elvis Comeback Specials and coconut with chocolate buttercream – I couldn’t wait to get started. Armed with boatloads of cute candies and papers from Bake It Pretty and custom-designed toppers from Paper and Pigtails I set out making three dozen awfully cute cupcakes if I do say so myself.

I’m by no means a cake decorator so I rely a lot on my large open star tip, offset spatula, royal icing roses and those custom toppers to make special event cakes like this unique. Some sprinkles, fancy baking papers and a cupcake tree later, everyone thinks I’m a genius. Meanwhile, my mom slaved over two flavors of whoopie pies all night and after today decided she’s sticking toppers in them from no one so people think she’s a genius too.

To celebrate another little person coming into my big, warm and welcoming family Sublime Stitching is offering up a prize for one of my readers: an Ultimate Embroidery Kit featuring a black-edged baby bib and I Luv Veggies pattern. It’s everything you need to embroider the cutest baby shower gift ever – and it makes a great gift for a mom-to-be!

There are lots of ways to enter, and you can enter lots of times. Leave a separate comment for each, because each comment counts as one entry:

  1. Like Sublime Stitching on Facebook
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  3. Like Bake and Destroy on Facebook
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  7. Visit Sublime Stitching and comment about your favorite item
  8. Add Paper and Pigtails to your Etsy favorites
  9. Send out a tweet about this giveaway
  10. Give my cousin’s baby (we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl) a good piece of advice

I’ll choose a winner on April Fool’s Day!

Thanks a lot to Paper and Pigtails for whipping up those toppers to quickly and to Sublime Stitching for the ace giveaway!

This contest is now closed – congrats to Annalee!


  1. I love Sublime Stitching! Please enter me, facebook page liked.

  2. Aww. I wish I could win. I love Sublime Stitching. My advice to a new member of our family would have to be to take all the wrapped little weenies you want on the first go-round. Chances are there won’t be any left later. :)

  3. I love the pinups by Gil Elvgren on Sublime Stitching. Super cute and not overly scandalous.

  4. OMG one of my favourite artist! *_* I adore sublime stitching!!!
    i obviously follow Sublime stitching on Facebook!!!

  5. And I also follow you Nathalie on facebook 😀

  6. And I also follow all of you on twitter! I’m momokoart ^_^

  7. Please enter me – I have good advice for your cousin’s baby – “Never let em see you sweat,” no wait “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” sorry it was…

  8. I’m following Paper and Pigtails on Twitter! @dailyfunshine

  9. I’m following Bake and Destroy on Twitter! @dailyfunshine

  10. I’m following Sublime Stitching on Twitter! @dailyfunshine

  11. I like the spaced out transfers on Sublime Stitching! :)

  12. Advice for your cousin’s baby: Welcome to the world, baby! It may seem a bit foreign and cold at first, but eventually you’ll start to like it. At times, people may be cruel and circumstances may get rough, but just remember that you are always loved. There is always a reason to hope, breathe, and live life to the fullest! Enjoy the ride – it’s going to be a fun one.

  13. So excited for this! Have officially liked Sublime on facebook.

  14. I already follow Bake and Destroy on Twitter (@adrimarr) :)

  15. I’m now following Sublime Stitching on twitter!

  16. Man the Lucha Libre transfers look too fun for their own good.

  17. “Like”ing Sublime Stitching on FB (actually not sure why I didn’t already–Jenny Hart rocks!!!)

  18. “Like”ing Paper & Pigtails on FB!

  19. Already “Like” Bake & Destroy on FB (of course!!)!

  20. Following Sublime Stitching on Twitter!

  21. Following Paper & Pigtails on Twitter!

  22. Already follow Bake & Destroy on Twitter (of course!!)!

  23. Have always had my eye on the Ultimate Embroidery Kit…

  24. Tweeted the Giveaway!

  25. liked sublime stitching on FB!

  26. the glow-in-the-dark thread on Sublime Stitching’s website is super sweet, as well as all the patterns! the forest friends one would be so awesome to have, i love hedgehogs!

  27. added paper and pigtails to my etsy fav’s!

  28. I follow sublime stitching on twitter. screen name = miss_fae

  29. I already “Like” Sublime Stitching on FB!

  30. Sounds like you make some yummy cupcakes. Love your ideas on how to be creative using funky pieces and parts from various vendors. Thanks for the baking-cute-things tip!

  31. Follow Sublime Stitch on fb!

  32. Best advice I can give a new little one (and I’m expecting my 3rd) is throw all of the fits you want before the age of 2! You can get away with it. @ seems to be a magic number where people expect you to learn better and keep it together. Just don’t tell my girls that.

  33. “Like” Bake & Destroy on fb.

  34. Advice for your cousin’s baby: Smiling at other people will get them smiling at you.

  35. Loverly to win…

  36. Liked SS on facebook!

  37. Liked PP on Etsy…. I was just on there poking around this morning!!

  38. Like Bake and Destroy (love that name) on FB!

  39. Liked Bake and Destroy (love that name) on FB!

  40. Following SS on Twitter

  41. Following PP on Twitter!

  42. Following B & D on Twitter too!

  43. Commented on SS, re: those cool classic embroidered book covers!

  44. Liked PP on Facebook also!

  45. Advice to the baby: Be forgiving of yourself…. and others.
    Welcome to the world little one!!

  46. I like Sublime Stitching on Facebook.

  47. I’m following paper pigtails on twitter @holdoll

  48. I just recently discovered Sublime Stitching, and liked it on FB!

  49. I’m following bake and destroy on twitter @holdoll

  50. I like Bake and Destroy on Facebook.

  51. My favorite item from the SS website is the Camp Out transfers. I ordered them last week, hoping to make something for our pop-up camper before the first trip of the season : )

  52. followed on facebook:
    -bake and destroy
    -sublime stitching
    -paper and pigtails

    fav item on ss website:
    the roller derby embroidery set!

  53. Advise for the little one: If you want a happy momma, start sleeping all night as soon as you can! ; )
    I have an 8 month old, and she fully understands this, thank goodness!

  54. I am obsessed with Sublime Stitching and like them on Facebook!

  55. I am Following PP on Twitter

  56. Love all this crafty goodness!

  57. Liked PP them on facebook.

  58. I am Following Sublime Stitching on Twitter

  59. Bake and Destroy is so cool that like you on FB too!

  60. following Sublime Stitching on Twitter

  61. Liked Sublime Stitching them on Facebook

  62. My Favorite items on the Sublime Stitching website are the Dia De Los Muertos Kit & Mitch O’ Connel Transfers!

  63. I follow Sublime Stitching on Twitter too! @holdoll

  64. I’m following you on Twitter. ( that sounds creepy)

  65. I Like BnD on Facebook

  66. My favorite SS item is the transfer paper & pens! Thanks for the contest!

  67. Advice for the Baby…

    When you have to get a job do not choose a place where your boss makes you want to burn his face off :)

  68. My favorite item is the vital organ patterns.

  69. Tweeted this Giveaway!

  70. Paper Pigtails Facebook – Like It!

  71. Sublime Stitching new Owl Scissors are my new fav! I said so I Facebook…they say they LOVE me too :)

  72. I follow Sublime Stitching on Twitter! @rednbubba

  73. I liked Sublime Stitching on Facebook, which is how I found you! =D

  74. Like Paper and Pigtails on Facebook 😀

  75. Follow Paper and Pigtails on Twitter

  76. i like sublime stitching on facebook

  77. i like bake and destroy on facebook

  78. currently loving the labyrinth pattern at sublime stitching

  79. Tips for a baby, boy or girl.. Baby Bliss GripeWater was my lifesaver.
    Biggest thing I learned…whatever tools I bought for the baby, bottles, paci’s etc…she didn’t like. I had to get one of everything until I found the ones she would use. My stock of playtex bottles and bags went happily to a young mothers home. =)

  80. Bake & Destroy! is totally likeable on FB!

  81. Natalie slater of Bake and destroy rocks! I love the bake n destroy name, classy pin ups in the kitchen rule cuz Im one of them 😛

  82. Sublime stichery is so cool, I had never heard of them but that gurl has some great talent! Inspires me to put up a website of the stuff I sew, mostly pin up clothing but quilts too. I would love to learn embroidery and buy some of Jenny’s creations too

  83. I have “liked SS on face book for a while now. =)

  84. My favorite SS is all of them! Oh and I love the new owl scissors.

  85. I favorited Paper & Pigtails on Etsy!

  86. I liked Sublime Stitching on Facebook!

  87. Paper and pigtails co is so awesome that I plan on ordering some supplies for my three boys birthday parties this summer…I have my eye on vintage planes (my hubby is a staff sgt in the us air national gaurd) the punk party and the construction sets are on my list as well-Btw I was already a fan of bake and destroy but now natalie you introduced me to two great new shops Hugs

  88. I liked Paper & Pigtails on Facebook!

  89. bake and destroy “liked”

  90. I liked Bake & Destroy on Facebook!

  91. paper and pigtales tales liked

  92. I love SS.

  93. paper and pigtails added to etsy

  94. Dear Baby;
    Remember to always be cute! It will get you out of tough situations, regardless of age.


  95. I followed Bake & Destroy on Twitter! (TheTattoo Lady)

  96. Advice for the baby: not everything on the ground is food.

  97. I followed Sublime Stitching on Twitter! (TheTattooLady)

  98. Bake and Destroy liked!

  99. My favorite item from Sublime Stitching is their Meaty Treats transfers!!!! Bacon has never been cuter <3

  100. Sublime Stitching liked!

  101. I like Sublime on Facebook @Charity McAllister

  102. I would LOVE to win a kit. I am new to embroidery but I really like it. I liked SS on FB

  103. I follow Sublime Stitching on Twitter @humboldtcherry

  104. I like the half apron’s on Sublime Stitching

  105. Started stitching because I LOVE gifting tea towels for weddings, and I knew I could make them cuter and cheaper than the ones I found at Anthopologie. Sublime Stitching JUST posted new wedding patterns. New favorite! I also love everything else from ss- I just finished a towel set with the Black Apple transfers!

  106. LOVE the sexy librarian on Sublime Stitching (Liked it on FB) the best! It rocks.

    Piece of advice: Don’t take unsolicited advice! And TRUST YOUR GUT. 😉

  107. I like sublimes stitching on facebook (*really love more!!)

  108. I now “like” bake and destroy on facebook, too cool!

  109. I “like” Paper & Pigtails on facebook~~~ :)

  110. Already a Sublime stitching twitter follower!! @KandusW

  111. Following Bake and Destroy on twitter

  112. Following Paper & Pigtails on twitter!!

  113. Added Paper and pigtails to my etsy favorites!

  114. I have tweeted about this awesome giveaway!!!
    Thanks so much!!

  115. checked out sublime stitching and loved the tiki freak transfer.

  116. i love love the love the dream garden wall hanging on sublime stitching! Maybe i’ll work up enough courage to stitch it some day! lol

  117. Oh boy! Supa cool cupcakes for the shower. So, for the entries, this is too easy! I already Like SS on FaceBook (I actually love SS, but there’s no button for that).€{:*}~

  118. Me again. I happily follow SS on Twitter.

  119. I am now following you on Twitter, Natalie!

  120. I love the new owl scissors at sublime stitching!

  121. I like sublime stitching on facebook too.

  122. Advice to baby: Try not to vomit on family members.

  123. The Iron-On Transfer Pens Set is amazingly cool! Thanks!

  124. I love the patterns at Sublime Stitching. My favorite is the Derby Girls!

  125. Thanks to S.S. for pointing me to this blog!

  126. Advice to baby: When Mom says no, Grandpa(ma) says yes. Aunts and Uncles count too.

  127. Liked on FB, BTW!

  128. I love Sublime Stitching! Its hard to pick a favorite.

  129. I already like Sublime Stitching on Facebook! :) But I would LOVE to be entered cuz my sister has THREE little boys who are all in need of a fun bib…

  130. Also, I now like Paper & Pigtails and Bake & Destroy on Facebook too. Good luck to all!

  131. Hooray, my sister’s boys will love this (and hopefully not fight over it too much). :) So happy to have won, I do love Sublime Stitching, and to have discovered Bake and Destroy in the process!

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