Announcing the SugarSlam 2011 Champion

Three judges. Over 100 entries. More than 30 amazing prizes. This is SugarSlam 2011. From Kamala brownies to Kendo Nagasaki cake pops to “The Perfect Dozen: 13 cupcakes reflecting the life of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, ‘Mr. Perfect’ Curt Hennig” this year was bigger, badder and better than ever!

Beth Phoenix, Mike Edison and Ben Roche had their work cut out for them, and with several of my close friends entering up to 8 different sweets and treats each I was glad to be off the hook this year! Indeed there was one winner – one baked good tough enough to take home the title. But all three judges agreed that there were just too many amazing submissions to let some of these go by without some kind of prize. So check out the video to see if you won (sorry if we’re quiet – we were filming in a big house in a noisy part of the city) and don’t sweat it if you didn’t because you have until 9pm CST July 22 to round up everyone you know to vote for you as the People’s Choice Award winner. (Make sure they know that random voters will also be selected to receive prizes!)

Once again, thank you to our judges, our sponsors and to everyone who entered and voted! Now go choose a People’s Choice winner!

Update: Meet Your champion!

I wanted to give our newly-crowned champ the chance to hear her name being announced by The Gamazon. Now that she knows she won, I’d like you all to meet your champion, Melissa!

As you can see, Melissa was already winning at life before she won the 2011 SugarSlam title. Truth be told, I’ve known Melissa a long time and I’m really excited she won. She’s a true blue wrestling fan and a bit of a Renaissance woman to boot. Check out some of the crazy awesome stuff she’s created:

You can buy her art and other weirdness in Melissa’s Etsy shop. You probably admired some of her other SugarSlam entries including Grab Them Cakes and Superstar Billy Graham cracker crusted Tye Dye Pie – but of course the winning submission was Goin’ Bananas Gorilla Monsoon cake:

Congrats to Melissa, thanks to the sponsors and don’t forget to vote for People’s Choice!

Another update! Meet your People’s Choice Award winner!

 I’m really excited to announce that my friend Jessy won the People’s Choice Award with her amazing Rey Mysterio cake! I love, love, love that she used candy and all kinds of other nummy things to make all the fancy decorations because fondant tastes like butt. Jessy also entered the King Kong Bundty and the Antonio Inoki’s Guava Pound Your Face Cake Dessert Sushi – so she was not joking around when she entered!

Once again, thanks to everyone who entered and everyone who voted. I’ll be in touch with the random voting winners and a few other contestants whom the judges decided deserved a prize over this week end! <3 to you all!


  1. Good job to the baker! That’s a pretty rad belt! Can’t wait to see who the People picked :-)

  2. CM PUNK!

  3. Congrats Melissa! Amazing entry, you earned it.

  4. right on that is awesome!

  5. Did cm punk just make you a million dollars in cup cake sales ? either way congrats

  6. I don’t sell cupcakes and CM Punk had nothing to do with SugarSlam.

  7. Congrats Melissa!!!

  8. Congrats to your bakery, Bleeding Heart from the millions of CM Punk fans!!!!


  9. Be a man, Hogan! SugarSlam is greatness and had a ton of great entries! Well done.

  10. Congrats! It’s pretty hard to argue with a cake that awesome.

    And thanks Natalie! Can’t wait to do this again next year :)

  11. YAY this was so fun CONGRATS MELISSA your cake was so awesome the poured sugar glasses were amazing!!

  12. I hate you, Matt.

  13. Hats off to you Melissa!!! The first time I saw your cake I knew it would be judges favorite because secretly it was my favorite cake too. You have some mad skills lady.

  14. AWESOME!!!!!

  15. I’m so happy for you, Melissa!!

    And to assholes who are being sour grapes, “harden the fuck up!”

    Just so you guys know, she’s not a baker or a cooking professional in any way, she’s just awesome. She worked so hard making not one, but 3 awesome entries that all got a ton of comments and she loves Wresling like you will probably never know.

    She EARNED this, it’s just sad that some people want to try and take the piss out of it. Womp womp.

  16. thanks for the props!!! xoxo

  17. I had so much fun participating in this contest, and I’m actually super stoked to lose to a cake this awesome! Congrats!

  18. This is absolutely wonderful!! I had a great time entering the contest and am honored to have even been in the same running as this!!

  19. Congrats Jessy, awesome cake! great competish!!!

  20. Congrats Jessy!!!!! I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to visit again so you can make me some wonderful treats and wrestle me. xo

  21. i am also THRILLED that The People have chosen a fondant-free winner!! hooray!

  22. I’m so happy for Jesse she is an amazingly talented woman.

  23. Congrats to BOTH Ladies!!! Hooray!!!

  24. Thanks for all support Bake & Destroyers! I had never been inspired to make cakes like this before & I had never entered any competition like this. With two kids ( Viktor 4 & Ena 1)and a BFA background in Studio Arts it has been really challenging to make any art. Working on these cakes & seeing what everyone else had created totally filled the uncreative void that can happen while juggling parenthood. I am so happy that Natalie and I crossed paths 10 yrs.ago. Had we not, I would have never made such crazy cakes or would have “nevered” to lots of things.We all know she is am incredible lady. And to Melissa: I pick you! Your a force to be reckoned with. I look forward to competing with you & everyone else next year. I’m definitely going to practice my sugar pouring skills. To the rest of you: Bake ON!!!


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