cakespy book seeking sweetness in every day lifeWhen CakeSpy Head Spy and co-founder of Team Little (members: me and her) Jessie Oleson asked me to take part in her Tour de Sweet I knew I was going to have a tough choice ahead. For years I’ve been following her cray-cray creative baking experiments, wishing I had the guts to stuff cinnamon rolls with cookie dough or to try mailing a cupcake in an envelope. So with her new book CakeSpy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life in hand, I did what any rational food blogger would do. I took it into the bathtub with me.

Forty five minutes and a nice, bubbly soak later, I emerged wrinkly and inspired. With easy, but wildly creative directions for making such items as candy salad, Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict and Pop Rocks cookies I can tell this book will be my go-to when Teno and I want to make something fun. But the recipe I chose to share with you all today actually comes not only from my love of CakeSpy, but also from my love of pro-wrestler Colt Cabana. See, when I got to page 139 and spotted a plate full of blue marshmallow dreidels, I immediately thought of Colt.

Colt Cabana candy Bake and DestroySide note: When I emailed Colt to let him know I was doing this post, he checked in to make sure there were no kiwis involved. I did, after all, nearly kill him with kiwi lotion back in 1999. Well, if you can die of hives then I almost killed him.

Anyway, whether you’re a fan of Colt’s, a CakeSpy follower or just in favor of eating religious imagery, these marshmallow dreidels are sure to please.

You will need:

  • 1 & 1/4 cups blue candy melts*
  • 12 large marshmallows**
  • 12-16 thin, 3-4″ pretzel sticks
  • 12 chocolate “kisses”
  • white decorating icing (or white candy melts)

* I like Merckens because they taste good and they sound like “merkin” which is a pubic wig, and that makes me laugh. You can get Merckens at Bake It Pretty or Layer Cake Shop. Or, you can use Wiltons candy melts which are in most craft stores, but they taste like a pubic wig

**I had very grand notions about making my own vegan marshmallows (now that Melisser and I figured out how) but the universe was very much against me accomplishing that, so I used non-veg friendly store-bought ones. If you still wanted to use vegan, but don’t want to make your own I will advice that Dandies are a bit too small for this project. You might want to pick up some Sweet and Sara ‘mallows and reshape them with a cookie cutter.


Then you:

marshmallow dreidel Colt Cabana CakeSpy Bake and DestroyLine a baking sheet with wax paper or parchment paper. Melt the candy melts in your preferred fashion. (I use a double boiler.) Sir frequently to prevent scorching, then remove from heat when melted.

Spear each marshmallow with a pretzel stick, making sure that it goes 3/4 of the way through. Dip the bottom of a chocolate kiss in to the candy melt and adhere it to the other end of the marshmallow. Place it on its side on the waxed paper to set. Once you’ve done this with all your marshmallows, stick the baking sheet in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Gently reheat the candy melts, and using the pretzel as a handle, dip one of the treats into the candy melts so it’s coated all the way to the top of the marshmallow. Return to the baking sheet and repeat with the remaining dreidels. One side of your treat will be flat, but that’s OK – it keeps them from rolling around! Using white icing or white candy melts in a mold painter, paint your favorite Hebrew letters on each dreidel. Me? I painted the slogan from Colt’s t-shirts.

marshmallow dreidel Colt Cabana CakeSpy Bake and DestroyLet the treats set for about 30 minutes before serving.

Want more Colt? Check out Art of Wrestling Radio on iTunes! Want more blog posts about Jessie’s fantastic book? Check out the rest of the blog Tour de Sweet!

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