vegan banana bread french toast cupcakeI posted a pretty cryptic update last week about my upcoming trip to NYC, but I just got the go-ahead from The Cooking Channel to share the real story with you so here goes: I’m going to be on The Perfect 3!

My Vegan Banana Bread French Toast Cupcake was chosen in the cupcake category so I’m headed to New York in a few days to shoot my segment for season 2 of the show, which kicks off in May.

I don’t have that green and black checkered dress from Cupcake Wars anymore – so things might get crazy! I was thinking about setting up a Hangout on Google+ so you guys can chat with Mike Edison, Melisser and myself while I’m there.

I’m super stoked to get back to New York and eat all the bagels and, of course, to have this opportunity.

And hey – while I have your attention, have you voted for my Vegan Chai Koala Cupcake yet? If I win the $2,500 travel voucher I’m going to donate it to Grind for Life so you should probably GO VOTE NOW and every day until Feb. 12th!