Vote for Your Favorite Apron Design & Win

Alright folks – this was really hard, but Cynthia and I agreed on five apron designs for you all to vote on. The winner will have his or her apron design custom made courtesy of Cupcake Provocateur, and guess what? One of you will win a prize just for voting – a $25 gift certificate to Cupcake Provocateur!

Vote for your favorite design below (you can only vote once) and if you want to be entered in the giveaway, leave a comment on this post letting me know you voted (you don’t have to say for who).

The poll is open until May 23rd – we’ll announce the winning design and the winning voter that same week!

Joy – Day of the Dead

“My inspiration for this apron is heritage, life, Dia De Los Muertos, tattoos , Mexican pin ups, lucha and lowriders. Why? I grew up in Southern California, and now live in Oregon. Culture shock.  I miss bouncing cars with dingle balls and tuck n roll, eating taquitos at Olvera Street and stopping at fruit stands on hot summer days.  Putting on an apron, with all these things somehow represented, would make BBQing in the rain much more bearable.”

Lily Munster – Elise

“I chose Lily because her character is so fun, she’s the rock of her family, and who else is such an awesome wife that she would custom make her husband a hot rod hearse for his birthday?! My apron is clearly designed after her dress, but what an iconic outfit! The apron is in light purple with black ribbons. The tie back is black and white, a nod to that flash of white in her hair. The pockets have bats on them like her killer necklace and the bottom of the apron is scalloped like the sleeves of her dress.  I put a light ruffle behind the scalloped edge because the apron she wears in the show has ruffles on the bottom I thought it would be super cute on this one. ”


Scooter – Crystal


“I’d love one of the waitress style aprons in a scooter theme. (I own both of these fabrics to contribute to the apron!) I’d also love to buy a matching one for my daughter, they’d be so perfect for girl scout cookie sales next year! ”







Pyrex – Leigh


“My favorite vintage Pyrex pattern is Butterfly Gold. One cool thing about this pattern is how it was made as a burnt orange (or “gold” I guess) pattern on white, and also as a white pattern on burnt orange. I like the look of a classic style half apron like the one in the collage, and think this style of apron lends itself to this design idea:  have the apron body be white, and the top border of the apron have the burnt orange Butterfly Gold Pyrex design. The inner pleats of the apron could peek out as burnt orange, to contrast the white body of the apron. I think the orange inner pleats would really make this design stand out and be super cool. My dream apron, for sure!”




Cupcake Devil – Tom

This is Tom’s design, submitted without comment. Now that’s confidence, folks. 😉








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  1. I seriously love Tom’s design!

  2. Voted for the Scooter partly because we share the same name and it is cute!

  3. Totally voted. It was hard choosing just one to vote for though.

  4. I love them all, but I voted- hope to win the gift card. I have quite the collection but another apron is always a good idea!


  5. Voted for Scooter!

  6. I voted!!

  7. I voted also :) it was very hard to choose

  8. I has rights!

  9. Voted for Joy, love it!

  10. Lilly Munster!! Its stylish, girly & Goth

  11. Whoever win will get an adorable apron. But if Tom wins he better post a picture of himself rocking it.

  12. I voted! Great design ideas, and I had a hard time choosing between my two favorites. :) Look forward to hearing who wins, and would love to win the gift certificate! Thanks for doing this contest!

  13. I voted. These are all great, good luck to everyone.

  14. The scooter design sounds so great. I love that first fabric she has. And mom & daughter matching aprons, too cute.

  15. So hard to choose, but I voted!

  16. I voted for the Day of the Dead design by Joy. Great ideas, great inspiration!

  17. I really love them all! I love the traditional Pyrex one and Joys. I wish I could have voted twice.

  18. I voted for Joy’s Day of the Dead. The others are cool, but really, she’s got the best idea for this!

  19. Voted. Love all the designs, but there can be only one.

  20. I voted for Joy, she is so talented :)

  21. Voted ;>

  22. Voting for Day of The Dead. Gotta <3 Them Roots. Thax For Sharing .

  23. I voted for the Day of the Dead idea. I wish I had known about this sooner, as my daughter would have entered a design! Let me know if you do this again!

  24. I voted

  25. Love Joy’s design! Great color and concept!

  26. Hard decision! Good luck all!

  27. “My mom owns that pyrex!” – Everyone (including me!)

  28. Voted :)

  29. I used to be married to a SoCal Mexi nugget & I love that spicy fruit, U rock Joy!!!!

  30. I voted. I love the Pyrex.

  31. I voted!

  32. I voted for Joy’s Day of the Dead, everything looks good with Day of the Dead motif, bright, colourful and spicy! I used to live in SoCal as well and I really miss the fresh fruit stands and taquitos etc… now I am really far away 6000 miles and there is no good mexi or texmex food here, so miss it ever so much more! I am planning on doing my kitchen remake in mexican tile and day of the dead, what a great idea for an apron! (handbag, scarf etc)

  33. I voted for Joy – Me encanta México y la cultura latina :)
    And I really like that design.

  34. I totally voted! <3

  35. I voted!

  36. I liked them all but I chose one which I if I’d received as a gift I’d be happy with

  37. Pyrex! I voted.

  38. I voted, which is pretty hard to do when all five entries are so rad.

  39. I voted for Joy. Her design for dia de los muertos is wonderful! I love it when people use culture is designs! Also, i think sugar skulls are very artistic and very pin-up appropriate! Can’t wait to see the actual product!

  40. I voted! These are all awesome ideas!

  41. Love Joy’s by far! 😉

  42. I love all the entries! But Tom is my hubby so he gets the vote. Yes, sweetie, I would have voted for your design even if we weren’t married…what’s not to love about about demonic cupcakes!

  43. I voted! This was super fun to participate in and see the awesome Top 5. Yay for aprons!

  44. Voted!

  45. My vote is for Tom!

  46. My vote is for the Dia De Los Muertos apron. Very cool

  47. I’m with Joy! I love Day of the Dead stuff and it’s definitely the apron I would most want to rock in the kitchen!!!

  48. Voted for Joy! <3 Love that the idea comes from her heart and it is a reflection of who she is! Plus think of the colors, it will be awesome!

  49. Voted! Love Joy’s inspiration!

  50. VOTED! 😀

  51. voted for joy, love Dia de Los Muertos! and love Joy. :)

  52. I love all this was a difficult choice!!
    I voted!!!

  53. I voted for Lily Munster though it was hard to choose between that and Cupcake Devil. Awesome designs!

  54. Very difficult choice, but had to go with the Day of the Dead. Love the history. My brother and I often created meals together and were fascinated by sugar skulls, I have a beautiful large sugar skull tattoo in memorium of him, this apron reminds me of all those things and I love it!

  55. I voted for Elise’s Lily Munster design. I’ve been a fan of the Munsters since I was a little kid, and I’ve always wanted to dress up like Lily Munster…so the Lily Munster apron is perfect for me! :-)

  56. voted!

  57. Voted for Lily Munster! <3

  58. I voted for Joy! Her ideas never cease to amaze me!

  59. I Voted! They are all awesome but i love Lily Munster.

  60. While I love,love,love Dia De Los Muertos themed things to bits, I just had to vote for ye olde Cupcake Devil!!

    The colours are dope, and I dig the batwing and flame ruffles.

  61. Voted! It was a tough decision, that’s for sure! I’m constantly covered in some kind of sauce or batter, so what better way to get my very first apron! xo

  62. I like them all but though that cupcake devil was the most fun.

  63. I love them all! Voted! (:

  64. They’re all cute! I voted!

  65. I voted! Love be some Joy!

  66. Voted! So cute!

  67. I voted, there were two I couldn’t decide between though.

  68. i voted for my scooters!

  69. Voted!

  70. Ooh, I love the idea of a Pyrex-inspired apron!

  71. I voted! It was hard to chose between Lily and Pyrex!

  72. Voted for Joy! I love “Día de Muertos”

  73. Pyrex gets my vote

  74. I voted for Joy’s Day of the Dead because not only does she rock with everything else she makes, she is an all around cool Betty! I love all her designs of her lucky cupcake hair clips and bows(which I actually own about 20 of them) She is such a crafty superstar. Hope she wins! I do like all the other contestants as well. Good Luck to you all!
    Paige 13 aka Deadly Rampaige

  75. Lily Munster! Such a clever and classic piece to do for an apron. Day of the Dead is cool, but it’s been done over and over. Gotta go with originality on this one!

  76. Cupcake Devil – Tom

  77. Voted! These were all wonderful designs!

  78. Voted for Joy, my cupcake-y friend! <3

  79. I voted!

  80. Voted for the cupcake devil. Hail Satan.

  81. I voted for Lily Munster by Elise. The Munsters are rad, and there is no other mother as hot as Lily.

  82. Vote for Joy! simply because she’s awesome! what other reason do you need?!?!

  83. I voted for my favorite lady, Joy!


  85. Voted!

  86. Voted!! Hard but fun choices!

  87. oh! the pyrex design! I LOVE IT!!

  88. They were all really nice designs. Loved them all!

  89. I voted!! Love them all, but I voted for Joy’s Day of the Dead!

  90. I voted–Pyrex is the one I love.

  91. I voted! I could use a new apron for the summer for all my kick ass cupcake baking!!

  92. i voted! the cupcake devil is an amazing design, i love the bat wing shoulders :)

  93. Love, love, LOVE the Lily Munster!!! Voted 😀

  94. Voted!

  95. I voted for the Lily Munster – Elise, a must have for anyone!!

  96. I voted! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  97. Joy! Joy! Joy!

  98. Voted for Joy….love the El Dia De Los Muertos theme!

  99. I voted!!!

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