Bake and Destroy: Subtitle Goes Here

Today my agent Sally contacted me about brainstorming some subtitles for my cookbook, Bake and Destroy. I had a few ideas, but opened it up to some of my creative asshole friends. Please note that these are not possible covers for my book, these are actually other people’s covers that I hijacked and poorly Photoshopped without their permission. Sorry, other people.

First, let’s look at a couple of my ideas:

Not bad, right? OK, now let’s look at some suggestions from my friends:

…and my personal favorite:

Thanks to all of my friends for their help. If you have any good suggestions please leave them in the comments secion!



  1. Bake and Destroy and the Great Big Bag of Dicks

    Bake and Destroy: Recipes from C.M. Punk’s Mom (I’m her)

  2. Bake and Destroy: Recipes for the Awesome
    Bake and Destroy: Party Hard and cock!

  3. Bake and Destroy. Recipes w/Mosh Parts that satisfy Vegan Hearts.

  4. It’s a tie between the first and last.

  5. I like “The Taste of Violence, The Comfort of Home”. Classy yet trashy.

  6. So funny. I like the third one down.

  7. Bake and Destroy: Vegan Recipes for Your Inner Rebel.

  8. Bake and Destroy: Stuff to Eat While Telling Everyone You’re a Vegan

  9. Bake and Destroy: Vegan Recipes to blow your brains out

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