The People’s Choice Winner is…

SugarSlam III People's Choice Award Winner

Congratulations to Carly Allington, our 2012 People’s Choice Award winner! With her careful fondant work and attention to detail with the hand-painted tattoos there’s no doubt she deserves this prize. All of the contestants showed a ton of heart, not to mention skill, and I really appreciate each and every one of their desserts.

Thanks to all of our sponsors, competitors, our judges and to everyone who took the time to vote. I’m taking everyone’s feedback on this year’s competition into consideration for SugarSlam IV! Until next year!


  1. Congratulations on your win!!!

  2. Wow, that’s amazing! Great work. ^.^

  3. Good job and congratulations! You did amazing work on all the detail with the tattoos and I love how the text turned out. It was all beautifully done! Very smart idea too!

  4. The tattoos are very impressive! Well done :-)

  5. Congratulations! You have some skills on show right there :)

  6. Awesome! Congrats!

  7. Amazing cake she totally deserves it! The detail in the tattoos and sculpted cake are great…congrats! :)

  8. Congrats on the win. Very well done!

  9. Carly’s creativity and execution of her cake and cupcakes are phenomenal!! Congrats again on your win! Now it’s time to celebrate!!

  10. Amazing job! I love the look of the hand wraps. A bit curious to know what you used for the decoration because it looks really cool. Congratulations!

  11. Hey everyone!

    Thank you so much for the congratulations and all of your support! You really know how to make a gal feel good! :-)

    Devin- Which part of the decoration were you curious about? I’d be more than happy to share! The tattoos were made from icing coloring what I literally just painted on with a paintbrush, everything else is cake, frosting or fondant. Anything else, let me know!

    I was so inspired by the competition that I’m actually signing myself up for cake decorating classes :-) They start in October, so wish me luck!

    Thank you all again!


  12. Congrats on your win ! You did an amazing job on all the details !!

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