CM Punk Just Made My Birthday Wish Awesome

Good morning! Today, 12/12/12 is my 33rd birthday! Since 2010 I’ve asked my friends to donate to Grind for Life in lieu of a gift and each year I’m happy to say I’ve raised well over $1,000 for this great organization. This year I’ve already raised over $1,500 but this morning I got the BEST GIFT IN THE WORLD – my wonderful, amazing friend CM Punk is going to match my total at the end of the day!

You can watch my video above to find out why Grind for Life is so near and dear to my heart, and even if you can’t personally donate, help me spread the word by sharing my donation link, this post, the video, however you want to do it.

I have until 11:59pm CST tonight to raise as much as possible! Thank you all so much for your generosity, and thank you CM Punk for being a totally loveable jerk. BEST IN THE WORLD!


  1. Happy Birthday! I wasn’t able to personally donate thanks to Sandy but I did share your link on my FB page. What a wonderful and giving thing you do each year and what an amazing birthday gift from your friend! Once things settle for me and my family and our house is back together, I will keep this chaity in mind. After spending a week in the PICU with a 3 year old, you realize how important it is for family to be able to be there. We were lucky because he was only there for a week but hearing the stories of the mothers that had been there for months with their sick children, it’s heartbreaking. Cancer is a monster.

  2. Happy Birthday Natalie, my Grind for Life Donation is in your birthday card which I hope you receive really soon. And CM Punk, the guy is awesome on so many levels. Have a great day and I hope you enjoy the extra gift which I was meant to give you Saturday night..

    And now to drag myself to O Hare airport…..

  3. Well first of all, Happy Birthday sugar! (Ha! Get it?! Sugar- because you bake :) and I’m a nerd. Well that and I’m southern.)
    Anyhoosy, I have to say that I admire you so very much for asking for donations for your birthday. You inspire me. I’m going to repost this on my twitter and fb and do what I can to spread the word.
    I’m so very sorry I can’t afford to donate. I truly do apologize, I feel so guilty not being able to help others like I would like. Please know it’s because I’ve been diagnosed with a crappy rare disease that apparently wipes out your immune system and they don’t have a cure for it yet. As it turns out, it’s extremely hard to be a nurse if you can’t get around sick people without it killing you. But I’m not complaining! Please God don’t take it that way! If anything, I’m bragging because I’m alive. I truly just don’t want you to think I’m some kind of louse that is being greedy. But since I’m as broke as cm punk’s knee (just playin) I shall spread the word! As you can tell, I sure as crap can talk.
    And hell yeah to CM Punk. What a kick ass guy he is. I got the pleasure of seeing him in action a couple weeks ago in Asheville. He called a kid fat standing close to me and it made that kids night. Boys are weird. Regardless, Punk is my favorite. Mainly because my 7 month old loves Cult of Personality so we have a little dance party when it plays. And who doesn’t love a man who not only comes with his own theme music, but also can make your son wiggle!
    Ok, now that my novel is complete, I’m gone!
    Happy Birthday! I’m sending love, snuggles, and warm wishes your way for your very special day.
    Hey look at that! I rhymed! Look out Flo Rida!

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