Bake and Destroy Valentine’s Day Vegan Truffles

Thanks to everyone who entered, congrats on your win, Nancy! 

A few weeks ago, I tweeted a farewell to soy yogurt and much to my surprise, received a response from Sick Of It All. Who knew one of my least favorite foods could connect me to one of my favorite bands? Despite my distaste for the stuff, it does serve a purpose in lots of other recipes, so I tend to have a tub of plain, unsweetened soy yogurt in the fridge most of the time.

With my book draft safely in the hands of my publishers, and lots of  travel ahead of me, I figured I should get a jump on Valentine’s Day recipes while I had a chance. So I put that tub o’ yogurt to good use in these super-simple truffles. You could use any non-dairy yogurt you like (try to find plain, unsweetened) or, if you don’t mind dairy, you could use Greek yogurt or kefir.

Adapted from a recipe by The Fitness Freak. 


Bake and Destroy Valentine’s Day Vegan Truffles Recipe

vegan chocolate truffles

By BakeandDestroy Published: January 15, 2013

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 5 mins
  • Ready In: 1 hr 15 mins

With just a handful of ingredients you can make decadent and surprisingly healthy candies for the person you love the most - even if that person is you! I used almond butter and ground almonds, but you could use any kind of nut you like. Experiment with adding a pinch of cayenne pepper, cardamom, or other spices, too. XOXO



  1. Melt the dark chocolate in a double boiler, then remove from heat and set aside.
  2. Mix together the yogurt, ground almonds, almond butter, agave nectar, cocoa powder and salt. I like to use a food processor to get everything smooth, but do what thou wilt. Add the melted chocolate and blend that in, too.
  3. Transfer the mixture into a shallow, sealable container and refrigerate until firm (1-2 hours).
  4. Prepare your rolling ingredients - I like to roll my truffles in more ground almonds, but you could roll them in cocoa powder, too. For fancy truffles, mix in a little red edible glitter or gold Luster Dust. Place your rolling ingredients in separate, small bowls.
  5. Use a measuring spoon to scoop some truffle mixture - I use 1 or 1 & 1/2 tsp to make nice, bite-sized truffles. Gently roll the mixture between your palms to form a ball, then roll in your almonds, cocoa powder, or whatever you're using.
  6. Refrigerate in a single layer in a sealable container, and remove from the fridge for about a half hour prior to serving.

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    1. Best Date: Back in high school it was a few days before Valentines and my then boyfriend had been suspiciously quiet, he was up to something. Later in the day he handed me a heart shaped box and I thought “Well it’s too early for a gift” but I opened it anyway and to my surprise was tickets to see one of my favorite bands, Cradle of Filth. The show was on Valentines Day and he arranged with my mom already to get me out of school for it. We went to Portland for the show and spend the whole day up to it hanging out around town (Dinner, exploring, shopping). It was an amazing surprise, a great show and a positive memory.

    2. Worst Date: My friend set me up on a blind date with a good friend of theirs so I went to her house to get ready/meet up with him. When he got there he stayed for a few minutes and just left, apparently I wasn’t his type so instead of saying goodbye or even trying to go on a date he judged my by my looks and took off. (A few days later he asked via text if I’d be interested in being “Friends with benefits,” I thought jerks like that only existed in sitcoms)

    3. My worst date was a few years ago. I just turned 18 and got out of a bad relationship. The guy took me out. He opened the car door for me and I accidentally smashed my finger in the door. Then we went to dinner and had nothing to talk about. Finally on the way home we almost got into a car accident. After I got home he texted me saying great date. After that he started ignoring me. I found out a week later that the jerkoff asked my best friend out who turned him down after I told my story.

    4. Worst date: It was with a cutie pie I had met at the beach. I knew he had arrived from the gun shot sound his car made and the smoke that filled my driveway. I was apprehensive but he assured me that his car was reliable. We started out with dinner, which was filled with awkward silences as we had nothing in common! Afterwards we went to a movie, that he had apparently seen numerous times as he repeated every line and told me everything that was about to happen. Ugh so annoying. I was so ready just to get home but as we get to the car he opens his trunk and whips out a frisbee. He wants to play frisbee in a busy parking lot while I’m in a dress and heels no doubt. I asked for him to just take me home. As we pull out onto the main highway his car dies. WTF really!?! So naturally he asks me to help push while he steers. I walked my butt to the gas station called a friend to come get me. Date over, I was 17 when this happened I’m now 34 and have never forgotten it. Horrible!!!!

    5. I haven’t been on very many dates, so this won’t be too exciting…

      Best: A guy and I went to the art museum that I work at, and I gave him a tour. Then we had lunch at an awesome vegan cafe/bakery and we had some nice conversation. We walked around downtown and looked at the buildings and Christmas lights that were starting to go up. Then we finished the date at a great little tea house.
      I really enjoyed myself, but I guess he didn’t?… there was no second date.

    6. My worst date wasn’t truly a date, I guess? But I’ll tell it anyway. The short version.

      I had been talking to this guy from England and it came time for us to meet each other. I had never been out of the country, but I flew over there and was soooo excited. Long story short… I was detained by the UK Border Agency for 9 hours. Held in a “immigration detainee holding cell”, without food (it was available, but it all had meat) or sleep, questioned several times, fingerprinted, photographed, and eventually denied entry to the country. They marched me through London Heathrow with security (the looks I got… ) and was sent back home. All without even a glimpse of my guy. On top of this, I wasn’t able to call my family to let them know I was safe, and when my guy got home, the police were there searching his house because my mother had called them in a panic.
      So, in 48 hours, I traveled 9000+ miles without anything to eat and without sleep. I have a black mark on my passport now, and whenever I go back to England, I am held and questioned before they allow me in. It suuuuucks.

    7. My best date was when my boyfriend took me to see the car spike (has since been torn down). The second part of the date was driving past the Payless on Milwaukee Ave. It was a Wayne’s World themed date, if you couldn’t guess.

    8. My best date was the first date with my (now) hubby. We went to see Passion Of The Christ. Yes, THAT was our first date. LOL!!! Anyways, he says he knew I was the one when I uncontrollably yelled out loud “JESUS CHRIST!” when Jesus was getting tortured. We haven’t watched the movie since (it really was painful to watch!), but every time when see it in a store, we look at each other and go “Aww…memories…”

    9. My best date was with my now ex-boyfriend. We had gone to see Dick Dale on a rock’n’roll cruise in NYC on the East River, and had such a blast. Our first kiss was on the roof deck of the ship as it was about to dock back on the coast.

    10. Worst date ever, I met a guy who played guitar and was a local “Rockstar”. We were really close and on Valentine’s Day, I gave him a marshmallow heart and finally worked up the nerve to ask him out. After I did, he told me he had just made out with another girl and still tasted like her. Biggest (insert a dirty word of your choosing they’re all fitting) ever! Now he continuously hits on me when he’s wasted and wants me to be a cannibal with him. The sole reason I’m disgusted with “men” my age!

    11. Worst Date: coming out of a dry spell a friend set me up with a guy that sounded great on paper. “A rockabilly dude that has this sweet old Thunderbird!” So I drive to this guys house and his car is completely out of commission, not only that but he’s uninterested in eating, going to a movie, and had made no plans. We spent the night driving aimlessly looking for something to do, running through the typical getting to know you banter when I realize we’re not only lost in Mt. Misery of all places, but that this dude is insane. Conversation (as recalled) to follow.

      “So what books do you read?”
      “I don’t believe in books.”
      “…..please elaborate”
      “Well I don’t like somebody telling me what to think.”
      “The idea is literature and any art is to draw your own conclusions.”
      “And I think it’s wrong for people to assign their own meaning to somebody else’s vision. ”
      “I don’t do coffee.”

      The date ended there.

    12. Worst Date: We were supposed to go out for coffee. He picked me up from where I was attending college at that time, and drove to the coffee shop. As I went to grab a table, he headed back out to the car, explaining he hated “coffee shop feels” and felt more comfortable at home. Once there, he shoved his weird little tongue in my mouth, just as his roommate got home. Later, I was messaging my mother on my phone about possibly picking up my cousin from the hospital (carbon monoxide poisoning), he took my phone away from me, saying I was being rude and hurtful. Yikes! I got out of there fast.

    13. Best Date: My current boyfriend and I went to a Gopher Hockey game (we’re both students at the University of Minnesota). It was our first “real” date and we joked about how it would be our luck to end up on the kiss cam. Five minutes later, our faces were broadcasted to the entire arena. He took off his hat and leaned in for the sweetest kiss. Since then, we’ve been on that pesky kiss cam twice!

    14. I’ve been in a relationship with one guy for 9 years, so I don’t have a lot of exciting date stories, but the best date we’ve had in recent history was when he woke me up with pancakes, took me out for vegan sushi for lunch, and then treated me to a movie date to see The Hobbit. Simple, but a perfect surprise for a typical weekday.

    15. Being taken to see quiet riot play in the late 90s for valentine’s sucked, especially since the fun of people watching only lasted for a half hour and my boyfriend at the time was completely serious about the show. I used to say that it was the worst Valentina’s day ever, but I have so much fun telling the story now that I think that is no longer true.

    16. My best was my first with my husband. We made sushi and stayed in. That was all I needed

    17. Worst date was being stood up by the jerk and then calling me to say he saw me talking to another guy, got mad and left.

    18. My WORST date ever happened with my ex-boyfriend. We were in the typical, awkward, nerdy high school relationship and he came to pick me up from my house on a weekend. I had been feeling pretty crummy and sick all week, so I already wasn’t really up for the date, but figured I’d go because he really wanted to see me. Well, being the “romantic” that he is (note the sarcasm – this is why he’s my EX), he took me to my neighborhood McDonalds. Yup, the one just a few blocks down the street from my house. On top of that, after we ordered our meals, he realized he forgot his wallet. So, *I* had to pay for our meals! Now, I know McDonalds isn’t all schnazzy or anything, but SERIOUSLY?! To make matters worse, he got more flustered and embarrassed about forgetting his wallet, which caused him to create quite a bit of a scene, as he “pretended” to fumble for his wallet, while his face turned beet red. I still get mortified to this day, remembering that “date” – IF it’s even worthy of being called a date. Yikes!

    19. My best date was my second first date with my husband. We went out once before, drifted away, but reconnected, and had a date at the same place we had our first one fourteen years before, Disneyland.

      We spent this time talking about life, failed marriages, and how we shouldn’t have drifted away like we did.

    20. My BEST date ever was with my fiance, who I will be marrying in a short few months! :) He had been planning an official first date for us for a LOOOONG time, but due to some important events in my family’s lives, we kept having to reschedule. Thankfully, he was really understanding and still kept planning. On the night of our date, he showed up at my house, clean-shaven (a rarity for him), dressed in a preppy sweater, and had some beautiful flowers in his hand. Since we went on our date during the holiday season, he took me to a gorgeous tree-lighting ceremony, where we ice skated together! I had never been ice skating before and I’m a total scaredy cat, so it was awesome that he helped me break out of my comfort zone! Afterwards, he took me to this gorgeous upscale dining place, where we shared a burrata pizza together, portobello mushroom fries, and caramel budino. It was a foodie lover’s dream come true and we spent the whole night laughing, smiling, and talking! This is why he is my one and only – and just one of the many reasons why I said YES when he proposed!! 😉

    21. Best date: my first actual date with my husband was to a wrestling show in Detroit. We had tried to go on a date the previous week, but his car semi-caught on fire when he was coming to pick me up. After leaving the show, we drove back to his house, picked up a classy dinner of White Castle and watched the taping we had just been at on tv. He didn’t tease me for freaking out over the Undertaker and let me have the last of the fries.

      Worst? A blind date at a Taco Bell. Seriously, blind date…Taco Bell.

    22. Best Date: My future mate asked me to university homecoming by getting our friends involved in a Matrix-inspired series of events to ask me out. Being asked was as fun as the date! :)

    23. Worst date: It was my first time hanging out with this boy I had talked to a few times at the bar I frequented near the college I went to. He was having a birthday shindig at said bar and invited me to come and so it was a “sorta” date. He ended up getting waaaaay too drunk and since I lived in walking distance I told him to come crash at my place so he wouldn’t drive home like he thought he could. Even though I didn’t want to deal with him. So after getting to my house I tried to get him on my couch but he insisted on my bed. Then he proceeded to tell me “that I had to have sex with him since it was his birthday”. Needless to say, that didn’t happen considering he was a sloppy mess. Yeah, way to charm a girl buddy- hahaha.

      Tara O.

    24. Best date: The first date with my boyfriend of over three years was AH-MAZING! We had dinner at my favorite vegan restaurant, even though he was (and still is) a meat eater, he took me there. Then we went and walked around a park outside of a museum since we got there as it was closing. We walked and talked for a couple hours then we we walked around to the side of this hotel and there happened to be an outdoor bed out of nowhere. We laid and talked more and then shared our first kiss! It was truly perfect and still such a fond night for the both of us.

    25. Worst Date: I was set up on a blind date. The guy took me to an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, then he told me not to go through the buffet line. He wanted me to eat off of his plate because it would be cheaper that way. Did I mention that we went during this place’s “happy hour,” and the buffet (aside from being pretty damn gross) was only $2.00 per adult? Rather than offer to pay for myself, I told him I needed to use the bathroom, then left while he was filling his plate.

    26. Best Date: My boyfriend lives an hour away from me and is in law school, so we usually see each other every other weekend. I was having a really shitty week at work, and he drove in on a Wednesday night to surprise me. He brought flowers, Chinese food, and a bottle of Bushmills. He had to drive back home that evening, but the fact that he knew exactly what to bring me to feel better amazed me, especially since we’d only been dating for about 3 months at that point.

    27. Best date: first Valentine’s with my then boyfriend, now husband. Wouldn’t tell me anything, just to dress fancy, so I was really confused when we pulled into an old train yard. Turns out that town had a dinner train, and he had gotten us tickets because I had made an offhand comment that when I was an army brat growing up in Germany I loved taking the train. I was touched he remembered, and it was a magical night.

    28. Worst date: cooking an expensive and involved dinner for a guy who breezed in, said he already ate, and then went to the bar. And, not coincidentally, got dumped that very night.

    29. My worst date was our 20th wedding anniversary it snowed, car wasn’t working and paycheck didn’t come boo but at least me had each other so maybe it could be the best date too lol Thanks for the chance <3

    30. My best date was meeting my hubby Al at his sisters birthday party. He caught my eye and still has it

    31. The worst Okcupid first date I ever had the dude said after meeting up with me “oh I hope you don’t mind I invited my roommate to come hang out” and then proceeded to get drunk and loud off of one screwdriver. Sheesh.

    32. Worst Date: ‘romantic’ date to taco johns….I paid….and i drove….happy to say that relationship is over

    33. Worst date: recently had my first experience with online dating. Met a gorgeous and hilarious guy and couldn’t wait to meet him. On our date, however, he immediately wanted to switch restaurants right off the bat. He had picked the first one, but he didn’t think it would work for me (I’m vegan), even though I kept insisting that there were things on the menu I could eat. He began a story about his ex in the first restaurant and continued it in the cab and throughout the meal at the second restaurant. He continued telling me unlikely stories about living with a pedophile boy band agent when he was a teenager and being recruited to be in the bad “Muse,” but obviously, ultimately being passed over for a friend of the band. I will say that he was polite and respectful in other ways and did ask me about myself a couple of times, but ultimately I felt like he came on the date just to have a chance to talk about himself for a couple of hours.

    34. Best Date: Not exactly a date, but the first time I met the guy that I ended up dating on and off for several years. The first time we met was when I went out with a coworker and his friend, let’s call him “Ben.” One of the first things Ben told me, completely straight faced, is that he was a line dancing instructor. His red chucks told a different story, but being new to his humor, I believed him! My friend and Ben crashed at my apartment that night, and Ben and I ended up watching a movie on the couch at the end of the night. We didn’t kiss, but he fell asleep with his feet in my lap (chucks removed), which I thought was too adorable for words. We are still close friends, and I often wonder if we’ll end up together again.

    35. On my first date with my husband he took me to the Poison Idea/Sloppy Seconds show at the Cubby Bear. As a trade for getting in to the show for free I had to help him hand out fliers for a Poison Idea/Sludgeworth show happening at Dreamerz the following week. (That show never happened, because Dreamerz burned down.) What better way to celebrate true love then Poison Idea?!? Best first date ever and now we have been together for almost twenty-three years.

    36. worst date ever:
      It was back in High School, I know, everything bad happens in HS. But, we were going to see a movie at the local theatre, again, I know. Well, he was supposed to pick me up from my place like most southern gentlemen do, also since we had discussed it during class that he was going to come get me. He didn’t. He arrived at the theatre and texted, not called, texted me where I was at. When I told him I was still at home he got pissed and said I was supposed to meet him. That should have been the big red flag right there, but alas, I was dumb and 16. I had my mother drive me to the theatre, because I didn’t have a car at the time, and finally when I got there, he said he already checked the time. We apparently had enough time to get a bite to eat and then go to the film. Cool, right? Wrong.
      We both ordered and ate, and things started to go according to plan when he decided that I would buy dinner and he’d buy the movie tickets. I thought, okay, tickets here are pretty damn expensive anyways, that makes sense. But that asshole ordered an expensive dinner that was way more than mine. (I don’t remember the prices or the food because dammit, that was about seven years ago.) I was furious and glad that I had been smart enough to bring some of my hard earned cash. I payed and we left to go see the film.
      Ah, everything should be swimmingly perfect now, huh? AHAHAHAHAHA! Fuck No.
      Turns out that he was looking at a rated R movie and not a pg-13. I know, lame sauce, I should have gone in anyways. But, I didn’t and still don’t sneak into movies…its the cops in my family drilling shit into my head about that. I just would have gotten the ticket anyways, I wouldn’t have been carded cause I’m cool like that.
      Back to the story: he goes and gets tickets not for a later showing movie, but one that had started 45 minutes earlier! We missed the first 45 minutes of a cartoon movie, so basically more than half! I was furious! and freezing! It was so cold in theatre I literally sat there with my arms around myself and he didn’t do shit, didn’t even offer me his jacket.
      (and this is a guy who ‘prides himself on being a gentleman. Gentleman my ass!)
      So the film is over, and he’s ready to leave, I expect, that bastard can at least drive me home. NOPE! So I call my dad, who can be a pretty scary guy when he wants to. He comes and gets me and the guy has the nerve to try and stick his tongue down my throat! I kindly told him to shove off and walked off with my father.

      The next day he came out and said that we should never go out again and that I just wasn’t worth his time. I have never wanted to kick a guy in the nut sac more in my life.

      And that, dear Natalie, is how the movie Over The Hedge was ruined for me. xP

    37. Oh man, hands down, that has to be my Jr. Year Homecoming date. She was a senior and I had a huge crush on her. She had just broken up with her boyfriend (who failed his junior year of high school for the 2nd year in a row) and I saw my chance! I asked her to home coming and she said yes.

      My first warning should have been when her friends approached me and warmed me not to take her out. It wasn’t a “BACK OFF, YOU’RE NO GOOD FOR HER!” type of deal, but as one of them put it “She…has problems. Save yourself the heartache.” But lovesick puppy me went ahead anyway!

      It’ll take too long to explain that Nightmare of Date, but throughout the evening she 1) Casually let it drop that she had reunited with her boyfriend just hours before our date, 2) She refused to dance at first because “her back hurt”, only to complain a few songs into the night I “hadn’t asked her to dance.” 3) After she saw a guy sulking in the corner, she danced with him for almost the entire time AND got his cell phone number at the end of the night, 4) I had to BEG HER to dance with me to the final song of the night, Aerosmith’s ‘Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ (I still can’t listen to that songs to this day.)

      Last I heard she married him, but left and moved in with her parents after he sold their trailer for meth money. 100% true story.

    38. Worst Date Ever: amazingly it was a RAW live event. I bought tickets for myself and this guy I had just started dating. It started bad by him coming up with some lame excuse to not make the 30mile drive to Orlando, after he had said he would (so I could save gas) and I had to drive. We get to the arena, and all I hear (mostly) for the next 2 hours is how bad the seats were (first tier, halfway up, not nosebleed by any means) and he started drinking, so forget having him drive home. He drank so much in fact that I had to stop several times on the way home and let him puke because he got car-sick apparently after drinking. After I finally made it home, I told him he was on his own as far as getting home and firmly stated we were NOT going out ever again.

    39. Worst date: Mom jeans. Yes, HE was the one wearing “Mom Jeans”. No further explanation required.

    40. Best date: my first real date with the guy I’m still seeing 8 years later. He took me to the Chicago art museum; he’s not a museum guy, but he knew I’d like it and together we had fun. After it closed we wandered along the Mag Mile to look at the Christmas lights (this was in December). It was freezing cold and windy, but we didn’t care. It was sweet and romantic.

    41. Worst date: same boyfriend, several years into our relationship. We lived about a half hour drive apart, on opposite sides of Chicago. It was Valentine’s day, a Wednesday, and we had plans that he would drive out to pick me up and we’d go somewhere nice for dinner. That day I left work early and fought traffic to get home and get dressed up. At 6pm, he calls to tell me that he’s decided not to come. He gives excuses about there’s too much traffic, he doesn’t see the point in driving out when he’ll just have to drive back home later, he never bothered to make reservations anywhere so we probably couldn’t find a place to eat anyway… I was furious. Since then I take care of the Valentine’s day planning if I want to do something!

    42. One of my best dates was everything being a surprise of what we were going to do.From dinner,to riding around listening to music.

    43. Worst Date: My sister set me up on a blind date. I was still getting ready when she showed up with the boy and her boyfriend. We were going to a movie theatre 45 minutes away to see Twilight. Ugh. I walked down the hall and my blind date was standing there wearing a tshirt with some Twilight quote on it. We had to sit in the back seats of the truck the whole way to the movies, and he got mad when I didn’t understand why vampires sparkled. On the way home he told me ‘he hears voices in his head, they talk to him, he understands’ and when I got out of the truck he did his best Randy Orton drop to the ground impression. He seriously thought he was a mix of Edward/Orton. Thanks, sissy.

    44. Best ‘date’: Just days after one of my guy friends admitted his feelings to me (they were mutual) we drove to a local park. I pulled into a spot where you could see the whole town, and we sat in the grass and talked until dark. Then, as cliche as it sounds, we saw a shooting star. We still frequent this spot and it’s now turned into one of his favorite places he never knew about. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the sweetest.

    45. Worst/Best date: I was kinda seeing this toolbox for a while and we met up for a UFC watching party at his friends house the night before my birthday. As the only one not drinking, I was coerced into making a beer run before the festivities. This guy Alex went with me, and as we carried cases of Miller up to the register, the goddamn liquor store gets held up. No one was hurt but I was pretty freaked out, so Alex and I sat on the curb out front and bonded over our not-really near death experience. I ended up leaving the toolbox for Alex and after nearly 2 years, I couldn’t be happier.

    46. Worst. Date.Ever

      We will just call him the Burger King,

      Taking the advice of a girlfriend, I popped onto one of those date sites, followed steps and setup a date with this fella. On all appearances and conversations, I was well prepared for a fun dinner date and tour guide of a nearby town. All genuine vanilla frosted chatting and messaging.

      After hoisting my closet and drawers all over my house, I settled on the perfect outfit that suggested church goer on Sundays. Doorbell rings, dogs sing their welcome praises, date has arrived. I text my girl the plate and address of where I would be… and get into car.

      So he drives, cranks radio so we cant talk, and pulls into the burger king fast food drive thru line.I’m not fancy but by all means not my idea of a first date that we discussed… whatever, I can hang, you never know… I ask for a bottle of water and he holds out his hand. Fair enough too… I hand him a 5, he keeps the rest.

      He gets his food, shovels it in as he is driving, with the radio cranked back up again, dripping gross everywhere. We drive a bit til we hit a back road… im not happy. He says he knows a cool spot, don’t worry. We get to the spot which is a clearing with a view of the lights below, says he has a better view, and whips out his dingdong.

      Suffice to say, fast food sucks, and I’m no sucker. Thank god for smart phones.

    47. Worst date , a blind one … Go to local punk show and the date ditched me to go snort coke with some other group of people : /

    48. Best date ! First time I met my husband just hanging out on the way home from lunch blaring Judas Priest passing a church , the church bells were ringing and he shouted out the window ” turn those down please , Judas Priest is playing ” . Good times :)

    49. Worst Date: Went on a date with a guy that I met at a slightly crusty rock and roll bar. It was essentially a ‘blind’ date because we didn’t know each other at all. We planned on going to a show together, and I had a friend to meet up with just in case the dude was a extreme weirdo. She was also to be my ride home. We meet at the another venue, the next night. He proceeds to tell me he’s an alcoholic and chugs a beer. We start to talk about comics and he starts screaming that Aqua Man is the most underrated comic character (meanwhile downing beers). We go to where I’m supposed to meet my friend. She doesn’t show. Multiple calls, no answer and then my phone dies. He is getting drunker, and weirder (staring, not communicating) but at the same time is acting very agressive. He gets up to go to the bathroom, I get the scoots out of there. A bouncer gives me his phone to make a call. I call a cab, they tell me wait time is anywhere from 20-30 mins. I just want to go and get away ASAP. The only # I remember is this guy I just started talking to, that I had recently met at work. I give him a call and tell him the situation and ask if he can pick me up. I’m embarrassed and angry with myself for getting into this mess. Like the most radical dude he is, he comes and picks me up with no hesitation or questions. He came because he knew that I was stranded and freaked out. That amazing guy is now my husband. Ready to punch a freak in the throat for the one he loves!

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