Food Puncher: Lifeway ProBugs Frozen Kefir

Ok, full disclosure: I work for Lifeway Foods. Teno is, of course, never biased by things like that, but I thought you should know just for the sake or transparency. That being said, we bought these ProBugs Frozen Kefir pops at Whole Foods with real cash money – about $6 for a box of six.

Kefir, for those of you who aren’t hip to Dr. Oz’s jive, is a cultured dairy product – similar to yogurt, but with more probiotic activity. Lifeway makes a wide variety of drinkable kefir – conventional, organic, lowfat, nonfat, whole milk, etc. as well as frozen kefir – which is kind of like fro-yo, but again, more probiotics. Everything is gluten-free, lactose-free, and GMO-free so it’s pretty kid-friendly across the board. Anyway, here’s Teno’s take on these frozen pops, which are 70 calories each:

Note: Teno has trouble opening every package always. But I have found that these are easier to open when they’re really cold, right out of the freezer, than they are after they’ve warmed up a bit.


  1. When he started reading “not for individual release” I think I scared all of my co-workers with how loud I laughed. What a super cute & super smart little dude.

  2. Teno’s too cute! I’m dying to try them now. =)

  3. My daughter practically lives on Kiefer and has a pro bug for lunch everyday.

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