Vegan Nacho Chee-Zee Sauce Demo on The Late Live Show

I had SO much fun on The Late Live Show this month – and I even stayed up past midnight! These guys are hilarious – on my list of the greatest things ever this clip comes right after my kid, for real.


  1. OK video but almost didn’t watch it beyond 2 mins since you seemed so apologetic about being mostly vegan (? like being “mostly teetotaller”?). Also, weirded out by the inclusion of two mentions of “gross vegan food” in a 9 min video. About assholes – I guess you hang out with the wrong vegan people, all the assholes I know are carnivores. Sorry if I come off as overly negative but it was just another semiweird thing to say by such a seemingly likeable person (I’m referring to Maiden of course). Of course these were meant as jokes and for lightening up the mood but I should think you can do that without sounding almost like being ashamed of being almost vegan. And I do like humour. Jokes and such. Oh well. Anyways your site seems interesting and I’m gonna follow you on Twitter so keep it up!



  2. Well I do apologize if my attempt at disarming a Chicago audience with some reverse psycology, good-natured teasing and self-deprecating humor was offensive to you or anyone else. I’m happy to say that I managed to win over a lot of people who thought they hated vegan food that night.

  3. You rock, Natalie! It has been my experience that most people new to a diet change briefly become zealots. Maybe that’s what others are noticing? Anyway, I can’t wait to try this recipe. We are flexiterians who are trying to cut out even more animal products from our lives. I bought nutritional yeast but felt too anxious to use it *lol* Hopefully, your nacho “cheese” recipe will win my family over :-)

  4. Wasn’t offended, just asking! thx for replying, rock on

  5. Ok good – definitely not what I set out to do!

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