Talking Vegan Food on WTTW Chicago Tonight

Read more and get my Vegan Whole Wheat Chocolate Donut recipe here!


  1. Congratulations on your book, Natalie!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did a great interview, I loved watching it and I learned a lot (I’ve been curious about jackfruit lately) Can I hang out with you? I’m in Chicago as well. ha! I’m inviting myself over for dinner…… (can we have those donuts for dessert??) xoxoxo

  3. I just ordered your book! Wow, Great interview. You don’t skip a beat. It doesn’t hurt that you are drop-dead beautiful (and I’m not gay )! You have an edgy, darkside Michelle Phifer look. Yay for being a cool vegan advocate!! Fuck killing animals and sucking milk out of them… 😉

  4. Well thank you very much, you are far too kind!

  5. , If you can’t give me that don’t bother. He agered, Because I love you. lol He felt so good going walking gave us one on one time, we have six children ages 33-11. lol We both have lost 25# since June to Nov. Yeah, we stayed because we felt soooo much better.

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