Announcing the SugarSlam IV Champion & People’s Choice Nominees

Apologies all around for the delay in creating this post – the judges had a tough time deciding and somehow managed to vote equally in favor of three different entries! After a second casting we did come away with a clear winner as well as 5 nominees for the People’s Choice Award, which will ultimately be decided by you!

Before we get to this year’s champion, I’d like to share a few comments from the judges on some of their other favorite entries:

SugarSlam IV


“If there’s two things I love it’s flan & puns. Was there any doubt I’d vote for this thing of beauty. I can just imagine Summer Rae and myself snacking on this desert after a night of dancing & jobbing out Zach Ryder.” – Marty DeRosa on the entry titled FLAN-MON-GO

Chance of Being Delicious


“FUCK YOU, PETEY!” – Colt Cabana on the entry titled 141 2/3% Chance of Being Delicious

Ric Flair Cookies


“Maybe not the craziest entry, but I kept thinking if I went to a party and these were on the table, I’d eat the shit outta those cookies!” – Jill Thompson on the entry titled Ric Flair Championship Cookies 

The SugarSlam IV Winner

For the first time ever in SugarSlam history, the judges top two choices actually came from the same contestant! Also for the very first time in our history, the winner is a former SugarSlam Champion. So congratulations go to Melissa with her British Bulldog Matilda Pupcake! The judges’ second favorite entry, also by Melissa, was the Bobby “the Brain” Heenan Weasel Suit Cake.

Bulldog Cakes


As champion, Melissa has won ALL THIS STUFF as well as the official SugarSlam championship belt! And now, dear readers, I turn to you for your help in choosing this year’s People’s Choice winner. Melissa’s Bobby Heenan cake technically earned her a spot in this contest as well, but that’s just crazy talk, so here are the five nominees based on the judges’ votes:

Flan-Mon-Go (see above)

Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum Shake

Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum Shake











Wrestlers in Disguise Cupcakes

Wrestlers in Disguise Cupcakes










Ric Flair Championship Cookies (see above)

Daniel Bryan Beard Cake

Daniel Bryan Beard Cake












Vote Now

The SugarSlam IV People’s Choice Award winner takes home a boatload of awesome stuff, so it’s important that you cast your vote and choose the most deserving nominee! Polls close on 10.16.13 so don’t delay!

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Thank You to All of the 2013 SugarSlam Sponsors!

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  1. Whoaa that kickass and chew bubblegum shake looks amazing wow yum !!!

  2. Those Rick Flair cookies rock!!!

  3. Those RIC FLAIR cookies look SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

  4. Rick flare cookies are the best.

  5. If that Bubblegum Shake, I’mma cut someone. 😐

    …thug life.

  6. *Bubblegum Shake doesn’t win…

  7. Those Ric Flair cookies gave me a 4 hour orgasm and made me want to be a better person .

  8. I vote for Corey Barnes! Great job! Cookies look awesome! Artist!!

  9. Those Ric Flair cookies RULE THE SCHOOL!!!

  10. Ric Flair cookies should win! Woooooooo!

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