Book_2016A lot has changed in the three years since my first book came out – but one thing that hasn’t changed is my complete and utter devotion to the Pope of Mope, Morrissey.

Moz has inspired so many of us to go vegan over the years, and this year, inspired me to write a new book filled with recipes influenced by his music. And bonus: they can all be prepared and/or served in Mason jars.

Recipes include:

  • How Soon is Bao
  • The First of the Gang to Fry
  • Heaven Knows I’m Moussaka Now
  • I’m Throwing My Arms Around Pizza
  • This Charming Flan
  • Some Grills Are Bigger Than Others

If you’re excited for this book you’ll definitely want to check out my other books, Bake and Destroy:Good Food For Bad Vegans, Kale and Kill96 Vegan Recipes Inspired by the Speaker-Blowing Music of Manowar, Caught in a Nosh: 125 Vegan Kosher Recipes and Eat Shit and Die: 101 Killer Recipes from Bake and Destroy!

JK LOL and happy April Fool’s Day to you all!

PS The images for this book cover are from the following: Morrissey image, noodle salad, cupcakes, breakfast jar.