Announcing the SugarSlam IV Champion & People’s Choice Nominees

Apologies all around for the delay in creating this post – the judges had a tough time deciding and somehow managed to vote equally in favor of three different entries! After a second casting we did come away with a clear winner as well as 5 nominees for the People’s Choice Award, which will ultimately be decided by you!

Before we get to this year’s champion, I’d like to share a few comments from the judges on some of their other favorite entries:

SugarSlam IV


“If there’s two things I love it’s flan & puns. Was there any doubt I’d vote for this thing of beauty. I can just imagine Summer Rae and myself snacking on this desert after a night of dancing & jobbing out Zach Ryder.” – Marty DeRosa on the entry titled FLAN-MON-GO

Chance of Being Delicious


“FUCK YOU, PETEY!” – Colt Cabana on the entry titled 141 2/3% Chance of Being Delicious

Ric Flair Cookies


“Maybe not the craziest entry, but I kept thinking if I went to a party and these were on the table, I’d eat the shit outta those cookies!” – Jill Thompson on the entry titled Ric Flair Championship Cookies 

The SugarSlam IV Winner

For the first time ever in SugarSlam history, the judges top two choices actually came from the same contestant! Also for the very first time in our history, the winner is a former SugarSlam Champion. So congratulations go to Melissa with her British Bulldog Matilda Pupcake! The judges’ second favorite entry, also by Melissa, was the Bobby “the Brain” Heenan Weasel Suit Cake.

Bulldog Cakes


As champion, Melissa has won ALL THIS STUFF as well as the official SugarSlam championship belt! And now, dear readers, I turn to you for your help in choosing this year’s People’s Choice winner. Melissa’s Bobby Heenan cake technically earned her a spot in this contest as well, but that’s just crazy talk, so here are the five nominees based on the judges’ votes:

Flan-Mon-Go (see above)

Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum Shake

Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum Shake











Wrestlers in Disguise Cupcakes

Wrestlers in Disguise Cupcakes










Ric Flair Championship Cookies (see above)

Daniel Bryan Beard Cake

Daniel Bryan Beard Cake












Vote Now

The SugarSlam IV People’s Choice Award winner takes home a boatload of awesome stuff, so it’s important that you cast your vote and choose the most deserving nominee! Polls close on 10.16.13 so don’t delay!

Who is the SugarSlam IV People's Choice Award winner?

  • Ric Flair Championship Cookies (34%, 100 Votes)
  • Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum Shake (25%, 73 Votes)
  • Daniel Bryan Beard Cake (16%, 47 Votes)
  • Wrestlers in Disguise Cupcakes (13%, 39 Votes)
  • Flan-Mon-Go (12%, 36 Votes)

Total Voters: 295

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Thank You to All of the 2013 SugarSlam Sponsors!

SugarSlam IV Sponsors

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Meet the SugarSlam IV Judges

You know the rules, you’ve seen the prizes, and now it’s time to meet the folks who will make or break this year’s SugarSlam champion! It’s true, this is an impressive line up of one intimidating super star after the other – but don’t fret – these judges have been hand-picked due to their love of SugarSlam and all that it stands for. These three are committed to choosing the most creative confection that truly demonstrates the spirit of pro-wrestling fandom!

Marty DeRosa

His self-deprecating sense of humor and an uncanny knowledge of pro-wrestling has made Marty a fan-favorite comedian since 2006. He’s the host of Wrestling With Depression, the funniest podcast about depression you’ll ever listen to, and co-host of $5 Wrestling with Colt Cabana. You can follow Marty on Twitter @MartyDeRosa 

Jill Thompson

Comic book writer and illustrator Jill Thompson is best known for her work on Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, as well as her own comics Scary Godmother, Magic Trixie and Beasts of Burden. She loves watching rasslin’ and making ice cream pizza and cookies for cool people! Keep and eye out for her upcoming Scary Godmother Doll Kickstarter, check out her website, and follow her on Twitter at @TheJillThompson

Colt Cabana

What can we tell you about pro-wrestler Colt Cabana that you don’t already know? Popular for years on the independent circuit, Colt is also the host of The Art of Wrestling and co-host of $5 Wrestling with Marty DeRosa.  He’s funny, he’s adorable, and he was the inspiration for not one but two tasty treats on this site! Buy his gear, and follow him on Twitter at @ColtCabana



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SugarSlam IV: Prizes & Sponsors

PrizeCollage1So you’re dreaming up the world’s greatest SugarSlam entry when suddenly you stop and ask yourself – but what’s in it for me? Well, my greedy friend, this is the post you’ve been waiting for! Behold the SugarSlam IV prize packages!

The Champ

In addition to winning ownership of the SugarSlam Championship Belt (sponsored by HighSpots) for 1 year & the chance to defend and retain the belt next year, this year’s SugarSlam Champion will receive:

People’s Choice


Please show your appreciation for this year’s prize sponsors by checking out their websites and liking them on Facebook and all that good stuff!

Get the official rules for this year’s competition here, and get started making your entry today!

Help spread the word about SugarSlam IV by downloading the free posters here, liking us on Facebook and by purchasing SugarSlam merch here. Keep in mind, SugarSlam is a non-profit contest – all of these sponsors have donated their prizes, and all the money from merch goes to the artist who created this year’s logo and poster!

Thanks, everyone and good luck!

SugarSlam IV Sponsors

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SugarSlam IV: Ready to Crumble Official Rules

SugarSlam 2014 poster

It seems like only yesterday SugarSlam III was just a twinkle in my eye and yet, here I am planing SugarSlam IV: Ready to Crumble already. It gets a little bigger and a lot better every year, so expect amazing things! Due to some shake-ups last year, we’ve made some changes to the rules and awards this year so pay attention, why dontcha?

Deadlines & Whatnot

Sheikie Baby's Hulk Hogan Raisin Balls

Sheikie Baby’s Hulk Hogan Raisin Balls

The contest starts NOW!

  • Contest Ends: August 31 September 30, 2013 (recently extended!!!)– No entries will be accepted after this date!
  • Submit as many entries as you want.
  • International entries are eligible, however some prizes may vary depending on where you live.


Entry Guidelines

All entries must be considered dessert/sweet items. Cakes, cookies, ice cream, etc. Qualification ultimately lies with the judges’ decision. If you aren’t sure if your idea qualifies, leave a comment on this post & someone will get back to you.

  • You must create and decorate your own entry. Your friends and family are welcome to help, but you can’t hire or commission someone else to do it for you.
  • Entries do not have to be “from scratch.” Boxed mixes and canned frostings are fine.
  • Entries must be professional wrestling-themed (any federation), but this is NOT a decorating contest. Judging will be just as much about creativity as appearance, so don’t worry if you’re not a decorator.
  • Be original. Please take a look at the entries from 2011 and 2013 so you don’t repeat anyone else’s idea.
  • BE ORIGINAL! We’re repeating this because it’s important. Cakes shaped like wrestling rings are cute, but we’ve seen a dozen of them already. Sticking action figures in a sheet cake isn’t going to win you any creativity points, either.
  • Your entry must be edible. Non-edible supports are allowed, but be reasonable.


How to Enter

Boom Boom Berry Blintzes

Boom Boom Berry Blintzes

To enter, send ONE image file to along with a title and short description of the entry. The description is especially important – last year the description was special tie-breaking judge CM Punk’s deciding factor. If you’d like to share more than one image, please use Photoshop or a free online photo collage editor to create one image file. (Example)

  • Although it’s not at all necessary – you are welcome to make a WWE-style promo video talking about why your entry is going to win and the others suck.
  • Silliness and gore are welcome, but keep it suitable for children. No nudity or cussing, please. (All entries are subject to approval.)
  • Entering this contest gives me the right to reproduce and use your images throughout my site and on promotional materials, etc., as I see fit without compensation. Please note that I may use your photos even if you do not win. I will always try to credit your photos, but if you anticipate whining about this, don’t enter.
  • The judges & I have the right to reject any entry for any reason.


How to Win

There are two titles up for grabs: SugarSlam 2013 Champion and People’s Choice. Our panel of judges, which includes Jill Thompson, Marty DeRosa and Colt Cabana will choose the Champ.

Judges will be looking for creativity and originality. As I mentioned, this is not a decorating contest, although awesomely decorated cakes, cookies and cupcakes are certainly welcome and encouraged.

In a new twist for SugarSlam IV, the judges will also be choosing 5 additional entries to put up for a vote in the People’s Choice competition. Bake and Destroy readers will then have a chance to vote for their favorites among those entries, and one person will win the award.

What You’ll Win

As always, the SugarSlam Champion gets to wear the championship belt, furnished by, for one year – after which they can choose to defend the title, or relinquish it to me, the general manager, until a new winner is crowned. Stay tuned for a post detailing all of this year’s prizes. In the meantime, check out these links to a few of our confirmed prize sponsors:

Update: You can view all of this year’s prizes hereIf you are interesting in becoming a prize sponsor please email Natalie!

SugarSlam Street Teams

Want to get involved without entering? You’re the best.

Have other ideas for spreading the word? Leave a comment!

Thank Yous/Questions

A Mark Henry-sized thank you goes out to Betty Turbo for designing this year’s posters, logos, etc. Thank you to Dani for funding all my printing costs again this year! Kisses to Heels in Pink for kicking in for advertising costs! Thanks to all my prize sponsors – you are all generous and incredibly good-looking.

Have more questions? Leave them as a comment below & I will consult with our judges and post a reply as a comment.

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